Technology to Maximize eCommerce Opportunities

Innovative, easy to integrate, and quick on its feet, YellowBrix Automated Contextual Merchandising technology “understands” the context and meaning of site content – and uses that knowledge to match those concepts with product inventory, identifying relevant buying opportunities and putting them in front of pre-qualified buyers.

The bottom line: dramatically improved eCommerce conversion rates.

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Full integration is fast and easy. Content is coded and delivered for filtering via a simple API (application programmer’s interface) – it’s as simple as placing ad tags on your site.
Context is determined using a sophisticated layering of intelligence technologies
Through dynamic association, the context of content is matched to the context of products. Only matches with the highest relevancy are chosen. Product tags are automatically embedded into the content and instantly sent back to your Web site.

The entire process happens behind the scenes – automatically – and in seconds. As pages are served by your website, product tags are called and delivered in a side window. Buying is simple. And your brand is preserved throughout the entire interaction.

Power. Agility. Intelligence. is the answer.

And we’re not done pushing the envelope!

Here’s a snapshot of what we’re working on right now:

  • Predictive eMerchandising based on learned behavior regarding an individual’s preferences and priorities
  • “Weighting” of product offers based on proprietary business rules
  • End-user, full database product searches
  • A robust, branded shopping experience that incorporates both a shopping channel and Contextual Merchandising.

Learn more about NewsReal’s other enabling technologies, and how they can add value to your business!